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Back In The Saddle

About Back In The Saddle

Back in the Saddle provides non-traditional therapies for anyone suffering from visible and invisible injuries sustained in the line of duty by our Nation’s Heroes. Our services extend to ALL HEROES including law enforcement officers, firefighters, first responders, anyone in the medical field, and anyone who has experienced trauma on any level. Our mission is to provide a renewed quality of life and hope for a positive future with long term & sustainable results. Empirical and scientific evidence obtained though research conducted by renowned professionals in this field supports the success of our methods.


  • Equine-assisted psychotherapy for mental health support
  • Development of social skills and emotional regulation
  • Building confidence and self-esteem through horse-related tasks
  • Stress reduction and relaxation through interaction with horses
  • Learning responsibility and discipline by caring for horses
  • Enhanced communication skills and teamwork through group equine activities
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Hours of Operation: By appointment only


341 East Main Street
Youngsville, NC 27596

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